Vertigo's Commander Rex Application


Jun 17, 2022
What is your in rp name?:


What is your discord name?:


What name does the community know you by?:


Have you ever received a ban or been in trouble in a administrative manor on Exodus CWRP?:


If you have why and explain the situation:


Do you have any warns?:


If so why do you have these warns?:


Are you NCO+ in the battalion you are applying to be commander for?:


If not are you 2nd lt+ in another battalion?: Yes

Do you have other characters?:


(You will most likely have to resign or step down from these)
If gamemasters were asked about your performance how would they rate you be honest?:

I'd say rather well being that I've been recommended by NPC's that GM's have played, and have. Around 9/10 since I contacted HGM about it.

If your peers inside and outside of your battalion were asked about your performance how would they rate you?:

10/10, Contacting members from inside and outside of Dooms Unit, they've expressed that I've been doing well since I've joined, even became an ARC Selections Lead at the
rank of SMB and have been recommended for joining High Comm/Alpha ARC on multiple occasions.

Do you get along with not only your battalion but the other battalions in your sector?:

I'd say so. I'm friends with 212th's Commander and alongside that have a good standing with 104th, and 501st.

Do you get along with not only your battalion sector but everyone outside of it as well?:

I'd say so. A good chunk of my friends are outside of Dooms Unit. Mostly within Shock and even a friend or two within Jedi/SOBDE

If High Command were asked about you and to give feedback how do you think they would respond Negative or Positive?:

Positive. I'm in good ties with High-Comm and the Marcomms before them.

How long have you played the server?:

For around a month now. Soon to be two by around the 12th.

How long have you been in your current battalion?:

Since I joined I've been apart of Dooms Unit

Have you ever transferred out of a battalion?:

I've never transferred out of Dooms Unit. Spent all my time within it.

If so why did you transfer?:


Have you transferred more then once?:


If you have why have you and what battalions:?


If Commanders were asked about your performance how would they rate you?:

Around a 9. I know the Attack Reg Commander, 212th, and soon to be DU Commander rather well and hold good ties with them. With my performance as an Officer so far, I'm sure they wouldn't mind me becoming Rex.

Why do you want to be a commander?:

The reason as to why I want to be a commander is because at the moment, we really need leadership within the server. I've been an Officer for a good bit, and seeing as the server's state is in need of a few extra hands to hold it up, I want to be one of those hands and act as a proper commander for the server, and help give proper input as a Commander to High-Comm.

Why do you want to be commander of this specific battalion?:

The reason why I want to become Commander Rex is because of two things. One, is that Rex is one of my favorite lore characters within the Clone Wars series and is the only Commander that I can pick that makes sense for me becoming as an ARC Selections Lead. Secondly, is that I've seen the state of the 501st and needless to say, I really want to change it to make it more active and more appealing to the eye.

What are your plans for the battalion within the first 3 days?:

The first 3 days will be a near-complete redo of the docs and certs/prioritization for 501st to allow them to have both their own specialization, while not stepping on the toes of the other regiments. A lot of the other battalions have complained over this issue that 501st simply has too much. By limiting what they have and giving them their own identity, it'll allow for members both within the 501st and outside to understand their position within the battlefield. Alongside this will be a roll call to ensure who plans on staying, and who plans on leaving to see what slots are open for people, and what slots aren't.

What are your plans for the battalion within the first week?:

By the end of the first week, my expectation is that the 501st's main-trooper docs, and potentially subreg's docs will be near complete. Providing a handbook and proper expectations for the troopers should be finalized and shown to the troopers that are left after the roll call will allow for more slots, both lore and non-lore to open for those dedicated and of high enough ranking to achieve. Alongside this, the expectations and handbook will allow for the 501st battalion to steer towards a more "serious rp" side and to hopefully end the Social Stigma of it being a "Minge Battalion". From then on I'll be working with the 501st to see what do they want, what are their goals, and to work towards near-daily trainings from both the Senior NCO and Officers that are staying within the 501st to help the Enlisted and NCO achieve the proper goals that they want. Alongside this, I can also look into encouraging players to go into ARC, as I am the Selections Lead, and can approve of these troopers myself should they fit the criteria.

What are your end goal plans for the battalion?:

My end goal is to revive the battalion, to fill up the lore-character slots, and allow for the battalion to grow and rise enough to the point where new players can recognize its identity, purpose, and areas of progression that they can take just by a small conversation.

Would you ever consider becoming High Command if the opportunity presented itself?:

Maybe. I'd prefer to spend some time as a Commander first before stepping into High-Comm for the sake of gaining the proper experience to consider it. But, if an opening comes and I'm confident enough, I'm more than happy to apply.
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Jun 12, 2022
-1 Stay in DU. Denied.
Nah fr though. +1, he has done amazing work and I personally would have made him my XO if it wouldn't be called out for favoritism. He's very dedicated and well liked, he'd do amazing in the position of Rex.