Shadow Staff Application


Jul 28, 2022
1) What is your in-game name? -- Shadow

2) What is your discord username? -- oʍopɐɥS#0206

3) What is your SteamID? --STEAM_0:1:73818075

4) Timezone --CST

5) Time on the server (Must have 3 days minimum. Do !time and screenshot it.) -- Garry's Mod 9_5_2022 4_46_47 PM (2).png

6) Do you have any other experience with staffing? -- I’ve been HoA, and every other staff rank

7) How many warns do you have on the server? -- 0

8) Have you reviewed the staff requirements? --yes

9) Are you aware that advertising your application in any way will result in it's denial? -- yes

10) Have you been banned previously? --no

11) Why should we accept you into the staff team? (150 Word Minimum) -- I believe that I should be staff on this server because of my ability to be mature, my placidity under pressure, the time I've spent as administration on various servers, and my overall experience with the Garry's mod player base as a whole. I understand that the Garry's mod player base can be a toxic and mingy thing, and I have learned how to deal with this during my time in various moderative roles on multiple servers. As a person, I'm a very quick learner and can quickly adjust to new rules, or additions to the server. This attribute is incredibly helpful on a staff team, as every day new and different situation are thrown at a staff member. Finally, I get along well with the existing staff team and player base. overall, I'm experienced, sociable, and can keep a cool head under pressure, and these things all push me towards being a great fit for the staff team.

12) What makes you good staff material? (150 Word Minimum) -- I deserve to be staff due to my maturity, dedication, and my experience and I believe this gives me an advantage over other applicants. I have an extraordinary amount of resolve and a chill tone, and I believe this helps with keeping players on the server I enjoy giving people second chances. I also know when to get serious and when to deal with situations, I also know how to deal with stressful experiences throughout my character and an understanding to deescalate situations. I want people to follow rules, but I understand when people are having fun and have no ill intent. I will not be witch-hunting players or holding grudges as it is my job to be the mutual party throughout situations and help lead mitigation to resolve said issue. Through all the reasons I went over and explained throughout this short piece. I'm would love to explain more and explain more plans I have for being a staff member on this server as I believe words and actions tell more than writing an application.

13) How would you handle an uncompliant player after you have asked them to calm down? -- Mute the player, explain my thoughts and feeling on the situation to the player, and then unmute them and give them a chance to explain themselves.