Pain's Commander Fox Application


Jun 16, 2022
What is your in rp name?: Jek

What is your discord name?: DadLogic#6802

What name does the community know you by?: Pain / Griffith

Have you ever received a ban or been in trouble in an administrative manner on Exodus CWRP?: No

Do you have any warns?: No

Are you NCO+ in the battalion you are applying to be commander for?: I am a CSM

Do you have other characters?: Jedi Padawan Griffith

If gamemasters were asked about your performance how would they rate you be honest?: I've only ever had one negative run-in with a GM and it wasn't anything super serious. There was a miscommunication during an event about what Shock's responsibilities were so I did something the GM did not intend to happen. We had a short discussion about it and then voided the incident and continued the event.

If your peers inside and outside of your battalion were asked about your performance how would they rate you?: My one shortcoming as a Trooper is that I'm not able to be on the server every day as I have a job and school. That being said, I hop on the server whenever I can (Either when I get off work or on my days off) and am always available on discord should anything need my attention. Other than that I have no problems with anyone in Shock I think we all get along really well. I think I've performed well in my capacity as a SNCO and others who have interacted with me would agree.

Do you get along with not only your battalion but the other battalions in your sector?: I have enjoyed my interactions with the 104th. I've suggested to previous Support Reg COs and Shock Commanders that we do a cross-battalion training with the 104th but they have never seen fruition. I've talked to many of the 104th around base casually and they all seem like chill great people.

Do you get along with not only your battalion sector but everyone outside of it as well?: There's not any battalion that I've had a particular problem with. I've always believed that we can all reach our maximum potential by working together and sharing our knowledge and resources. For example, when I became Anti-Armor lead within Shock battalion I reached out to the leader of the 501st AA equivalent for insight into how they were handling their regs. They were happy to discuss it with me and share their experience for which I was extremely grateful. I think this is the type of action that the Shock Battalion, among others, should put into practice.

If High Command were asked about you and to give feedback how do you think they would respond Negative or Positive?: Before Hazo and Kaloob left, I think they would have rated me great. I worked with Kaloob closely in Shock and we solved a lot of problems together through that experience. After the release of the Court Martial document, I messaged Kaloob about the several problems I saw with the system potentially being abused by High Command. Hazo and Kaloob then enlisted me to help them with the document so it wouldn't be easily abused by those given power in court. (Basically rewrote the doc just for them to leave a few days later. :D) I think our current only HICOMM member would rate me fairly. I believe we've had a few interactions in-game but I don't remember any negative interactions.

How long have you played the server?: Since May

How long have you been in your current battalion?: Since May

Have you ever transferred out of a battalion?: No.

If Commanders were asked about your performance how would they rate you?: With how things are rn it's hard to know who is and isn't a commander anymore but I think they would rate me well.

Why do you want to be a commander?: Shock Battalion has been without consistent leadership for a while now. I'd like the opportunity to lead Shock long-term to a brighter better future. In terms of consistent participation in Shock, I am among the more senior members showing I'm here for the long-term to help the battalion execute our duties. In Shock's history, there has also been a distinct lack of contact between the Commander and the lower-ranking members of the battalion I've wanted this to change since I joined the Shock Battalion. I've done my best to advocate for the lower ranks, recommending them for promotions or positions, DMing the Commander about those who I've seen doing well, etc. As Shock Commander, I'd like to be able to recognize these people myself and make sure their voices are heard. To me, their input is just as valuable as any other member of Shock. I'd also like to collaborate with other battalions both to improve the relationship between battalions and coordinate training so that when the time comes we can assist each other in performing our respective duties.

Why do you want to be commander of this specific battalion?: In addition to the reasons I listed above I feel Shock has been without direction for some time. Our performance has been declining with every new commander. I think the main reason for this is the tryouts and training for Shock have been severely lacking. When I joined Shock I got the very minimum information and was left to figure out the rest while I performed the job. In addition to this, since I joined Shock I've barely seen any trainings occur resulting in under-prepared Troopers and low eval scores. I don't want any in-coming or existing ST to have the same experience I had. I want all ST to feel confident in their positions knowing what steps to take and who to contact if they need assistance. I plan on doing this by revising the tryout guide and creating examples of trainings that the battalion can perform when the opportunity arises. These trainings will prepare them for any situation they may encounter on-base or in events. I also want to ensure that Shock can find a good balance between enforcing the base rules while allowing people to have the freedom to RP and have fun.

What are your plans for the battalion within the first 3 days?: First, I'd open my DM's to any questions or concerns people have about the current state of Shock or my plans as commander of the battalion. Then I'd revise the tryout guide to be more educational about the responsibilities of Shock and how to execute these duties. I'd then open applications for the vacant position of AA Lead (my current position). I'd have a conversation with the current XO and 2nd LT (Only other Officer) about the state of Shock in general and our sub-battalions. I'd assign each of us a sub-battalion to manage and assist to get them in a state where they can stand on their own (Our 2nd LT is also Hound so he'd continue his duties as leader of Hound's unit and report how they're doing). I'd then institute a requirement for anyone NCO+ to host at least one training with at least 2 participants before they are eligible for promotion. This is to ensure that all members of Shock are getting regular training and recognize those who are consistently doing well in trainings. I would require SNCO+ to host a tryout in addition to the training to be eligible for promotion.

What are your plans for the battalion within the first week?: In addition to what I listed above, I'd write a document with training scenarios for Shock to use. These scenarios will range from arrest training to protecting a building from intruders. Any situation in addition to their training as Troopers will be included in the document. I'd also have two meetings weekly. The first would include the whole battalion to address any questions/concerns that may have arisen during the week. After this meeting, I'd post a summary for all to see with important information people should be aware of and any questions that I feel would benefit the battalion as a whole. The second meeting would be with the Officers I spoke about in the previous section about how the sub-battalions are doing and what steps we can take to further their development. I'd also try to have a meeting with the new Support Reg CO to give updates about how Shock is doing. During the first week, I'd also remake the existing documents that exist for Shock so they are up-to-date and filled with beneficial accurate information. I'd also hire a replacement for AA lead after applications are open for a fair amount of time. I'd also like to fill vacant NCO, SNCO and officer positions (In respect to cooldown guidelines and communication with the Support Reg CO) within the battalion to increase the resources of ST to get assistance and information.

What are your end goal plans for the battalion?: My end goal for Shock is for it to be able to stand on its own two feet with competent, trained leaders in positions where they can carry Shock through any situation they may encounter. I want all incoming ST to be prepared to execute their duties and have reliable comrades to assist and guide them when needed. I want Shock to be an authority for enforcing the base rules without them abusing their power.

Would you ever consider becoming High Command if the opportunity presented itself?: My main interest and concern is Shock but if a time comes when I am confident in the state of Shock I would consider the opportunity.

(Some additional information was left out due to char. limit feel free to comment any questions)
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