Nassau's Application for GM


Aug 12, 2022
Name: Nassau

Age: 14

Time: 3h. I was on the server a few months ago where I racked up probably 20+ hours.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:147302814

Time zone: EST

Do you have an operational microphone to communicate: Yes

Do you know how to utilize SAM or ULX: Yes

If any, list any previous GM experience(s):

GM on Exile
Sole GM on Archon
HGM on Blackfyre
HGM on Invasion
GM on Exodus
HGM on Galaxy
Acting HGM on Paladin

How many events would you be able to host during the week: In the past, I have been able to do 2-3 offworlds per day. A more realistic number would be 1 per day.

How well can you take constructive criticism: Well

Give examples of what can lead to a bad event:
- Railroading
- A predetermined win or loss. Like walking into an operation with odds stacked against the troopers and a very minuscule probability of victory.
- OP event characters. Ones that can't die and are just wildly overpowered like having 100k HP.
- Forced RP. The GM doing things like powergaming and saying for example "trooper feels a strong urge to shoot his brothers"
- Linear events. Ones that have only one outcome - and ones that don't have variety.

Give examples of how to conduct a great event:
- A lot of planning, and backstory.
- Events that have different optional objectives, like an optional objective to take out a radar but if the force doesn't airstrike would be more accurate - or something along those lines.
- Storylines are a great way to make events exciting, like having a storyline lead up to the climax.

Give us example of an event you would host:
I'd like to explain a storyline I have in the works relating to the B3 UBDs which were in lore but never really hit the battlefield in mass scale. Firstly it'd start with an event of assaulting a research facility where they're planning out the droids to collect intel. From there they'd go to another facility where weapons to be outfitted on the B3s are being produced and tasked to shut it down. Fomr there they'd learn where they are being produced, and sent to hit the factory, and face up against the first line of the B3s. If they fail this mission B3s would start popping up in events in the future.

Why do you want to become a GM on Exodus ( 100 Word minimum ):

I'd like to be a GM because I have a lot of experience and genuinely enjoy it. I get dopamine from making events, and in all honesty, prefer making events to playing in them. I've been GMing for a while now and it's always been the same. Despite my growth in experience and skill it never gets old, even reusing old ideas there is always something new to try or some different outcome. I'm willing to, and have been on every server I've GMed for, dedicate my time and effort to the GM team and the server and bring out the best events with variety that I can.