Luna/Shall Trusted Application


Sep 10, 2022
1) What is your in-game name and rank? -- Shall, CPT

2) What is your discord username? -- Lunađź’ś#8827

3) What is your SteamID? -- STEAM_0:1:510089174

4) Timezone -- MST

5) Time on the server? (Must have 3 days minimum. Do !time and screenshot it.) -- exodus_time.png

6) Have you previously been removed from the staff / GM team? -- No

7) As a trusted member, do you understand that you mustn’t spawn a prop / entity without knowing what it is beforehand? -- Yes

8) Do you understand that if you abuse this rank in any way, you may be blacklisted from the rank, the staff team, the gamemaster team and possibly banned? -- Yes

9) What experience do you have with gmod tools / building? (At least 5 satisfactory sentences) -- I have built sims for DU. Helped build bunks for 104th. But outside of that nothing much. I have never been a GM or Staff for any server. I want to use Trusted as a way to learn more.

10) Describe an enjoyable simulation for those participating -- I good Simulation provides troops a variety of challenging enemies to fight as well as using props to change the the sim room allowing to think of ways to go about clearing it.


Senior Moderator
Jun 8, 2022
Denied! This is due to your recent removal from the position, and reasonings I'll tell you in DMs. Please wait until an announcement to reapply for Trusted.