Danet's GM Application


Aug 3, 2022
Name: Danet (Dante)

Age: 18

Time: 09:04:08 AM

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:161735076

Time zone: PST

Do you have an operational microphone to communicate: Yes

Do you know how to utilize SAM or ULX: I do not, but I want to learn how to use it

If any, list any previous GM experience(s): none

How many events would you be able to host during the week: 1, 2, or 3.

How well can you take constructive criticism: Pretty well

Give examples of what can lead to a bad event:
1. Centering an event on one battalion's expertise
2. Events where rp overshadows gameplay
3. Poor Planning
4. Being unprepared for certain errors that may occur
5. Forcing people into RP

Give examples of how to conduct a great event:
1. Good Planning
2. Balance between narrative and gameplay
3. Focusing an event's availability for all battalions as much as possible
4. Allowing players the freedom -Not too much- to explore areas that could be of value to their efforts
5. Events that utilize unorthodox methods that make it an interesting experience for all players

Give us example of an event you would host:

- An unknown Crime lord has risen through their ranks has sided with the CIS and has made a well-earned reputation of showing no mercy to republic forces. Troopers will be tasked with heading to the planet of Aster IV and will be infiltrating a city and locating the building he lives in and take him alive. For this, the troopers will be splitting into squads of any suggested or recommended number to make the search more efficient. Troopers will be dealing with his soldiers in each building, but they will also have to check their fire since there will be civilians present as well and some will be used as human shields. They will also have to be careful when dealing with the civilians, some will try to retaliate and eliminate the troops. The troopers will not be aware of the possibility, but only those that ever think of the possibility will have the upper hand in their survival. The CL will learn of the republic's presence in the city after 2 or 3 buildings have been searched and he will announce it to all of his men. From that point, more enemies will spawn in the streets and aerial vehicles will be authorized; the CL will make his way to his personal ship and take off. The Pilots will be tasked with shooting the ship down. In rp, the CL will survive if he does end up going down.

-All possibilities:
>There is a comms tower that can be disabled, making the job to find the CL easier since he will not be able to announce the republic's presence to his men.
>The CL's ship can be sabotaged which can prevent him from taking off when he makes it to his ship.
>It is possible to capture the CL early if you find the right building.
>It is also possible to accidentally kill the CL, doing so will trigger and event in which some allied republic areas will detach from the republic and either go neutral or CIS
>It is optional to search the building the CL's ship is located by. Republic intel will be housed there and if retrieved, the republic will now be aware of a mole in their ranks

Why do you want to become a GM on Exodus ( 100 Word minimum ):

I would like to become a GM because I want to deliver events that people will be invested in. Events that go off the grid to deliver a fine experience to all players. Lately we have had a few good ones. I want to contribute to creating events like those that offer a unique and memorable experience. I found events with a good story very enjoyable in the very first server I ever played on. I want to make them enjoyable for others but also make it to where the players will have plenty to do as the story progresses.