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May 30, 2022
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CWRP - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who can claim a Simulation Room?
A: Clone 2LT+, Jedi Master+, Ensign+ can claim any of the Simulation Rooms

Q: Who can host tryouts?
A: Clone SGT+ and Naval CPO+ can host tryouts. Jedi do not hold tryouts.

Q: Where can I find tryouts?
A: Tryouts are advertised via adverts, and will generally state what room the tryout is being held in, and if there is a time limit before they start. If you are lost, you can /pm the tryout advertiser for directions.

Q: Who can start/end a Simulation?
A: A Clone SGT+, Jedi Knight+, Naval CPO+, of the group that claimed the room.

Q: Does a simulation need to be started in order to host tryouts?
A: The simulation does NOT need to be started in order to perform a tryout, however, if your tryout involves PvP or PvE, then a simulation will need to be started during these sections. Players cannot get arrested for accidental friendly fire during a tryout.

Q: Can armoury and debrief be claimed?
A: Yes, they can be claimed just like any other room, however, simulations cannot be started within debrief. Simulation can only be started in the armoury for bomb defusal purposes.


Q: What is an AOS?
A: AOS stands for Arrest On Sight, and refers to an order issued to arrest a player who has broken a rule, typically restricted areas are referred to as AOS areas.

Q: Who can call an AOS?
A: An AOS can be called by any Clone 2LT+, Jedi Master+, Ensign+, and any Shock.

Q: Who do I report RDM to?
A: Generally a single RDM is a Shock issue, however if you see a player RDMing multiple people you can contact staff.

Q: Can CG deny my request to bail someone?
A: Shock have the right to deny bail, even if the bailing party meets all requirements, however they MUST have a valid reason to do so. The Shock cannot take the bail money and refuse bail.


Q: Who can train CRs?
A: All staff, 2LT+ and players who have been given /train by a DA+. If you wish to train CRs and you do not have /train, and are above the rank of SGT (Jedi Knight & Naval CPO), you can make a staff request, “@ Can a DA+ spectate me for /train”.

Q: How can I join Jedi?
A: Jedi can be joined by waiting for tryouts by checking the discord and then joining the job through the F4 menu.
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